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Australia and New Zealand

The integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) may rely heavily on the concept of 3d Cadastre to deliver an authorative virtual world.  The Virtual Australia and New Zealand Initiative (VANZI) is working to facilitate an authorative virtual world in Australia and New Zealand : visit

The strategy captures the trends and articulates the vision of what we believe the community will require of our cadastral system by 2034. It identifies where current information falls short of today’s consumer expectations, and considers the user scenarios that could trigger changing needs in the future. Cadastre 2034 has been developed with input from a New Zealand perspective and Trans–Tasman collaboration remains an important feature of this strategy.


Another recent presentation from Victor Khoo

Onyeka, Eugene Chukwunwike, ‘Multipurpose cadastre: an under-utilized NGDI dataset, paper TS1.5 as part of Plenary Session TS1- From Pharaohs to Geoinformatics, delivered at FIG Working Week 2005 and GSDI-8 Conference, held at Cairo, Egypt from 16-21 April 2005. Programme and Technical Sessions for Plenary Session TS1 accessible in PDF online at URL Paper TS1.5 Read more